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Welcome to KVEG Wholesale LTD

The company was started in 2006. It moved to its 25,000-square foot warehouse in Coulsdon, Surrey in January 2006.

We specialize in quality fresh vegetables from all around the world at very competitive prices.We import fresh vegetable from India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Thailand, Mexico, Uganda, Italy and Dominica Republic. We work closely with suppliers and farmers to bring the best quality to our customer needs.

Our products includes Amla, Chilly, Long Dudi, Indian Onion, Coconut, Ginger, Bread Fruit, Fat Dudi, Egg Plant, green Mango, Indian Round Aubergine, Kerala, Long Beans, Tindora, Turia, Ginger, Drumstick, Small Onion, Suran, Ash Plantain, Cucumber, Okra, Onion Flower, Leave Items, Rasavalli, Sri Lankan Banana, Snake Goard, Jack Fruit and Jack Fruits Seeds etc.

We supply to all major whole salers in Spitafield market in Leyton, Western international market in Southall and Birmingham international market. Our customer base include major wholesalers to smaller shops all over UK. Our prices are very competitive and have a variety of vegetables avilable always.

We have daily shipments from the above countries and have our own clearing company to do the clearance, as result we are able to supply best quality possible.

We have own transport to deliver to the above markets and do van deliveries to shops as well. We are able to deliver or send goods to anywhere in the United Kingdom.